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Deep market analysis and identification of the optimal niche.

Domain name selection, registration, and store website setup.

Development of brand identity and main homepage design.

Creation of three essential pages: Contact Us, About, FAQ.

Launch unlimited product collections based on the chosen niche.

Connection with a supplier for competitive order management.

Addition of 25 products to the site with a video guide for adding more.

Referral to a free financial consultation with an expert accountant.

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Start Selling

You are now ready to sell your products or services and start receiving traffic! With our stores, you'll have customer support for any questions you need answered! We are here for you!

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Within 48-72 hours, you'll receive your branded store customized to your chosen niche!

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Order your site easily and quickly. Fill out a few details, choose a niche, and we'll handle the rest.

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Premium Branded Store

Usually starting at $500
49 $ One Time
  • Full store setup and responsive design
  • Custom logo design tailored to your business
  • Local & International suppliers
  • Niche and product research
  • The hottest and best-selling products
  • Brand and logo design
  • Product descriptions
  • Content writing
  • All policy pages including site terms
  • Legal pages and shipping settings
  • PayPal / Stripe integration
  • And many more free features

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Frequently Asked Questions and Help

What do I do after I purchase?

After purchasing a sales website for $500 or the current promotion, we will deliver your ready-to-use site within 48-72 hours. Once the site is ready, you'll receive an email with direct access to your store. Confirm the email, and the site is yours.

You can purchase a domain directly with our package. We handle everything, including connecting the domain to Shopify. If you are new to domains, simply Google "What is a domain." We recommend buying domains through providers like GoDaddy.com.

We do not offer marketing services. Store owners are responsible for marketing and promoting their stores. We provide the platform; you choose your strategies to drive more online sales.

We do not guarantee sales. We provide you with a perfectly built store with all the features. Sales are generated through effective advertising on social media, content creation, and good marketing. Sales don’t happen on their own; you need to run ads and invest in marketing.

Yes, we set up all the policy pages, so your store is ready for social media promotion.

Yes, the site comes pre-configured for accessibility to protect you from legal claims. This is part of our current service.

Absolutely! With the purchase, you can choose the option "I want to add my own products" and fill out a form with your product details and images.

We do not directly connect payment processors. We install for you Paypal and stripe payments by default.

Yes, if you decide you want us to add more products after your store is set up, you can simply purchase an upgrade.

Once you receive the site, you'll get an email with an organized guide on what to do with your new store! You'll also receive a free video explaining how to use Shopify and start selling.

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