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  • URL: xactplacements.co.uk
  • Date: Jan - July 2009
  • Sector: Recruitment
  • Collateral: logo, website, business cards, letterheads, vouchers, flash banners, SEO, client gifts, timesheets
  • Brief: create a complete web and print brand with an easy to use, accessible, attractive website that can easily display large amounts of content.

As a full lifecycle design and development service, we create all of the online and print branding for Xact Placements, who are also our recruitment partner.


As a professional recruitment consultancy specialising in various sectors such as IT, marketing, sales & finance, all collateral needs to appeal to candidates and clients at all levels in various sectors.


We have created a simple, logo with minimal colours that can be used across various media.


Focusing on Xact Placements' mission statement, 'a fresh approach', we designed and developed a clean and simple but detailed and adaptable website that is W3C compliant and accessible across all browsers.


We have also created various promotional and print collateral items such as designs for mugs, vouchers, business cards, letter heads and timesheets.

Business Card - back

Business card - back

Business Card - front

Business card - front

Letterheaded paper

Letterheaded Paper


Company logo

Christmas Promotional Insert

Christmas promotion insert leaflet

Christmas banner - made with Flash